Detecting Engine Problems on Your Commercial Truck

Posted on: 6 August 2021

Whether you own a single commercial truck or have a fleet of them, the key to successful operations is to ensure the vehicles are always in a proper functioning condition. Breakdowns will often result in delays, downtime and losses. That's why it's crucial to stay ahead of your commercial truck's problems by telling when something is faulty. That way, you can have it fixed quickly. Engine problems are some of the critical issues you may encounter with your commercial trucks. Replacing commercial truck engines can be quite expensive. So, if you detect the signs of a faulty engine early enough, you can have it repaired in many ways, such as engine rebuilding, which is a much cheaper but practical alternative. Therefore, here are some ways to troubleshoot your commercial truck's engine problems.

Power Problems

A decrease in power is among the top signs of a failing commercial truck engine. Low power is often noticeable upon acceleration or when driving up a hill or steep slope. While this could be attributed to wear and tear, especially if you have been using your truck long enough, many other issues can be the reason behind your truck engine's loss of power. Dirty filters, throttle issues, broken fuel injectors, clogged fuel systems and excessive engine lubrication are all possible causes.

Oxidation Issues

How frequently are your commercial trucks in use? If your trucks sit idle for a long time due to low demand, during the offseason or by the design of your business model, you are likely to encounter oxidation issues. When your trucks sit in one place for too long, the fluctuating air pressure, temperature and humidity can cause oil oxidation. The resultant air bubbles leave some of the metal components uncovered. Since metal components need to stay lubricated, the uncovered parts may start rusting over time, which can mess up your engine. Therefore, when you are not using your truck for hauling and other purposes, run the engines occasionally to avoid idling.


Overheating is another common sign to watch out for if your truck has an engine problem. Overheating can be dangerous as it can result in fires or damage other vehicle components. For this reason, it's always best to stop driving and turn off the engine as soon as you notice overheating. In most cases, you will notice the overheating increase when the truck is under load. Overheating stems from fuel tank problems, blown gaskets, defective radiators or faulty water pumps or cooling systems. Therefore, have these issues fixed to prevent engine failure.

To learn more, contact an engine rebuilding service.