How to Deal With the Insurance Company Following a Crash

Posted on: 28 May 2019

If you've been involved in a car accident, your mind will be swimming. You've got so much to think about as you try to determine your next move, and first and foremost, you will need to work out who was at fault. You may need to get the police involved to document the situation and retain the details of any witnesses, but so long as you're up to date with your coverage and premiums, you know that you can rely on your insurance company.


When the dust has settled after the accident, you will be able to talk with your insurance broker to make sure that you can put the wheels in motion. They will agree to pay for any repairs to your vehicle and may make certain recommendations as to where you should take it. Still, you have the freedom of choice here and can opt to take your vehicle in to any repair shop, so long as it is licensed to do the work.


You do not always have to go with the recommendation of the insurance company, as they will often have made arrangements with a chain of repair shops in order to get favourable price breaks. Certainly, this can be advantageous for them as they strive to do business as efficiently as possible, but if you find that the recommendation is a little too far for you to travel or you don't know too much about a particular shop, choose another facility instead.

Your Choice

Remember, auto insurance is not the same as health insurance, where you have to use preferred providers or else you may have to pay a lot more. Just make sure that you choose a body shop that is qualified and is used to working on insurance repair jobs so that they can communicate with the carrier at each stage of the procedure.

Damage Assessment

A representative of the insurance company will have assessed the damage to your vehicle and will have estimated how much it's likely to cost, using their knowledge and expertise. They will pass this information to the body and paint shop as a guideline and give them permission to start the work. Should any additional damage be uncovered once the car is disassembled (as can sometimes happen), the repair shop will get back in touch with the insurance carrier for modified permission.

Getting the Work Done

An automobile accident can be a very unpleasant experience, but it is, after all, the reason why you have insurance in the first place. Entrust your repairs to an experienced facility and they will be able to discuss the finer detail with your insurance carrier.