2 mistakes that can inflict major damage on your car's body

Posted on: 22 October 2018

There are some mistakes which, if you make them, can cause major damage to the body of your vehicle. Continue reading to learn what these mistakes are.

1. Waiting too long to have chips fixed by an auto body repair person

The paintwork on a car can chip quite easily. This type of damage can occur if, for example, another motorist who has parked next to your car hits it when opening their door, or if you accidentally reverse into a solid surface (like a wall or a garage door). Small-sized chips are often barely noticeable; because of this, it can be tempting not to bother having them repaired. However, this could be a mistake that could cause serious damage to the body of the vehicle over the course of a few months.

The reason for this is as follows; once a chip forms, it can gradually increase in size, as more and more of the paintwork around the chip flakes off. This can not only have a negative impact on the appearance of your car but could also increase the chances of the metal below the paint beginning to rust.

This rust could then eat away at a large portion of the metal layer of the car's body. If this happens, it could cost thousands to have a professional who performs auto body work repair this damage. Conversely, if you were to get the chip fixed now, whilst it is still small, you would only be charged a small amount for the repair work.

2. Being careless when parking it

Another common mistake that a lot of car owners make, which often leads to the bodies of their vehicles sustaining damage, is being careless when parking their cars. If for example, you live or work in a rural area, and often allow your car to brush against nearby bushes when parking it, the sharp thorns and twigs in these bushes could scratch the paintwork very badly.

Likewise, if you often park your car under a tree, the body of your vehicle may be damaged by falling twigs (which, depending on their weight, could cause scratches or chips) and by bird droppings (which, due to their acidic pH, can erode the protective outer coating and the paintwork underneath it). As such, if you want to prevent your car body from sustaining damage, you should be careful about how and where you park your vehicle.