Questions to Ask a Smash Repair Shop After an Accident

Posted on: 20 November 2015

A smash repair shop, such as ACT Auto Body Works, should not only get your car back to its original condition and appearance after an accident, but they should also work with you when it comes to your insurance claim. They may be more skilled at handling the paperwork for your claim and will know all the steps involved. Before you take your car in for smash repairs following any accident, note a few questions to ask the shop so you know they'll be most helpful and get the repairs done properly.

1. Ask if they work with your insurance company

Typically, the law allows you to choose your own smash repair company rather than having to use one recommended by your insurance agency, but this doesn't mean that a smash repair shop themselves will work with your insurance company. Some insurance companies may have a poor reputation for reimbursing shops for work and other costs, or they may be known for trying to argue against claims that are submitted by smash shops. In turn, a smash shop may not be willing to handle the repairs if you have a particular insurance coverage. Be sure you ask if your chosen smash shop will work with your insurance company before taking your car there for repairs.

2. Note if they will handle a claim against another party's insurer

A smash repair shop will usually know if you can make a claim against another party's insurer and advise you with this process, but they may also caution you against any delays this may cause. You may need to file paperwork with the other insurer and get a response as to their estimate, and so on. Once they advise you on what may be involved, you can make a decision as to whether or not you want to go forward with that claim or simply go through your own agency.

3. Ask if they'll receive your towed vehicle

If your car has been badly damaged, you may need to have it towed to a repair shop. Note if the shop will receive your vehicle without you being present and the time they can do this, as they may not receive vehicles at night and after hours. They may need all your information about the accident, your insurance company, your vehicle number and other such things over the phone, so be sure you're prepared.

4. Ask if they have environmental factors in place

A good smash shop should recycle car fluids and the materials from old parts. This includes metal, rubber, and other such pieces. They should also use low VOC or volatile organic compound paints, as these release fewer toxins in the air when used. If you're concerned about the environment, don't hesitate to ask about their practices.