What to Look for when Choosing a Panel Beater

Posted on: 17 September 2015

Panel beaters are specialists who repair and replace automobile bodyworks that have been damaged in an accident or have suffered vandalism. They work in the automobile industry and are mostly employed by specialist body repair workshops. Panel beaters also undertake jobs such as respraying, paintwork and minor dent removal on automobiles. They can be mobile where they offer services at the client's home. For whatever reason you need the services of a panel beater, having a checklist of what to look for is important to ensure you get the best one.

Clean and professional work environment

Just because an automobile workshop involves repairs, painting and other jobs that get one dirty, this does not excuse a dirty environment. It is important to visit the panel beater's workshop and look at the environment. Ensure that equipment used is clean, is of modern technology and is well laid out. If you are having your vehicle resprayed, ensure that the equipment they use is modern. Workers should also exercise professionalism when dealing with their client. This speaks volume as to the outcome of the job and the level of service delivery.

Vehicle type specialization

Different makes and models of cars have different bodyworks and structures. Not all panel beaters are experienced in dealing with all car models. It is wise to ask whether the prospective panel beater has experience handling a car in the make as yours. You can also ask to see a sample of the specialist's previous work. They should also be in a position to identify and acquire the car parts that need replacement. Some car models' parts are difficult to procure. The panel beater should be in a position to procure any required parts and also carry out modifications such as respraying or painting them.

Workmanship guarantees

You should check to see whether the panel beater you are considering has any guarantees on the work they undertake. Guarantees indicate a business that is keen to protect its reputation. Where your car's repairs can be claimed through insurance, it is important to know whether the panel beater you have considered is one of preference by your insurer. A reputed panel beater will be ready to answer any of your questions regarding guarantees or insurance.

Professional body work repairs are not undertake as often as other automobile repairs. They cannot be undertaken by a mere automobile repairer. It is therefore worthwhile to give a lot of time and effort in the search for a good panel beater.